About us

Tejidos 48 S.L. is a Spanish company founded more than 50 years ago, by Jaime González Plaza. In a first stage, the main occupation was manufacturing for third parties, and since 1980, this picture changes and with more reliability and increased resources, a phase of growth begins, supported by its own production has just translated in the consolidation of a commercial network at the national level. In recent years, both my brother Jordi and I have collected with great pride the hardworking, brave and persevering character of our father to make way for a second manufacturing plant generation full of love for our craft, certainly poses a differential point that distinguishes us as a company.

For more than 30 years we have specialized in shirt, wool and children’s products, with presentations of very neat collections each season, in harmony with the main trends in the field of fashion. That mixture between competitiveness and product gives us the key to be a company with a major tour, so we work for major customers of shirts and distributors in Spain, while in the last two years we have extended our sales network to Europe and across the Atlantic. This success has been based on the agility to solve any production problems that our client has.

We have facilities located in the town of Terrassa (Barcelona), with a total surface area of 7,000 m2 with twenty employees. One of the main parameters on which our corporate philosophy rests is that we constantly reinvest the benefits that we get in the modernization of our media and production equipment, to the extent that no one of our machines is older than 5 years. In this way, we create more interesting and competitive items face to our customers, since one of the objectives of Tejidos 48, S.L. is to grow as a national manufacturer in an era of textile depopulation, in that the companies cut their industrial resources and they are committed to marketing with third countries.

«Our intention is to provide not only design and fashion to the product, but also competitiveness from a few very reasonable prices».